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Our Staff


HOME, Inc. aims to serve individuals in need by providing leadership reflective of the various communities that we empower. It is important that our Board Members share life experiences and cultural identities with our clients. We feel that it is best to understand cultural needs and healthcare goals from a first-hand perspective. As a result, our board is led by graduate-level experts in the fields of Urban Development, Social Work , Mental Health Counseling, and Art Therapy with various individual identities of chronic managed conditions, African-American, Latinx, LGBTQ+ backgrounds, diverse gender identities, United States Veteran, and various socio-economic upbringings.


P. J. Queenan

With 10 years of diverse work experience, PJ has consistently seen a need for healthcare reform and collaborative care for underserved communities. His passion for social work continues to be his platform to provide comprehensive change to communities of color, LGBTQ+, and other underserved groups. For him, equality isn’t optional, it’s required!


Tirrell Wilkerson

HBCU Graduate, AmeriCorps Coordinator, and a specialist in care coordination for clients with diverse needs from hospitalizations to community care services, Tirrell has a unique perspective in the empowerment of minorities in healthcare. With a passion to uplift Kings and Queens of color, he provides profound knowledge, life experience, and expertise to elevate the experiences and individual outcomes of the underserved in healthcare.

Harriette Georgiou

As a community development expert, social advocacy pioneer in youth-related LGBTQ+ needs, and a business management specialist with a proven track record for success, Harriette has brought her experience and knowledge to HOME, Inc. to provide innovative healthcare strategies to serve central Florida’s most vulnerable populations.


Gisell Miller


United States Army veteran, advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, and experienced clinical practice manager, Gisell brings diverse experiences to the HOME, Inc. family. Her knowledge and wit can only be exceeded by her devotion to help those that can not help themselves. By serving as a Board Member, she wishes to leave no person behind!


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